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The United States invests emigrant EB-5 to plan to achieve 3 win a situation to
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The EB-5 that allows foreign citizen to invest the United States to exchange green card plans to go for years, immigration laws of university of health Nai Er teachs be stranded of Ye Er the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to describe this is a 3 winning kind politics, can help fund of business circles look for, can create obtain employment for village people again, and the foreigner of the investment that draw out money is attainable also the permanent and resident authority that is in the United States.

According to? " new York Times " report, to migrating from Ireland for Gu Ding's couple of the United States, be in the United States to invest immigrant is to say why the best example of benefit, if the investment of 500 thousand dollar can earn profit it is meddlesome admittedly, they care most, it is investment whether achieve economy of the place that take work, start obtain employment for place vacant, if can accomplish word of this bit, green card will be their biggest redound.

Gu Ding's couple and additionally 34 investor are joint-stock 17.5 million yuan, in Fumengte the city nears the hotel of build of resort of Jay Peak ski of Canadian border land, 2000 post that can offer for place if the project is successful are vacant, what include to be called to be not direct position by the government in the center is vacant, not be namely by wine (in live abroad is emigrant) inn is offerred, open business because of the hotel however and take the position that place of flourishing periphery company offers.

One of characteristics that EB-5 plans, it is concessional investor after business gets on the right track, optional choose sells equity after several years. It is with project of Jay Peak hotel exemple, investor can sell 57 units in the center in the future. Had exeunt mechanism, the plan is natural more get investor reception.

Since actually EB-5 plans to hold water oneself, be not plain sailing. The conduce place economy that 90 time cannot confirm whether investment project is true as a result of suffer from of the immigrant at that time and nationalization service bureau, doubt making a person plans to fail to create obtain employment truly. But the branch turns to reach emigrant service bureau for the citizen (CIS) hind, found let the area beyond federal department central management investor and superintendency position is vacant metabolic method, plan new infuse opportunity of survival for EB-5. At present complete beauty shares 17 areas center, obtain every year allocate 5000 quota.