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The United States invests emigrant EB5 visa to introduce (one)
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How to deal with the United States to invest immigrant?

One, the conditional investment immigrant that invests immigrant is the United States the profession in new immigration laws emigrates an immigrant visa of the 5th kind of preferential and emigrant EB5, the law that emigrates about investment is 1991 become effective is carried out.

The investment amount that new immigration laws sets investment is emigrant is 1 million dollar. Use at creating a new commerciality company, joint-stock and buy, and patulous and existing enterprise, employ at least 10 beautiful book or qualified the foreign nationality full staff member that works in the United States is versed in, new immigration laws to can investing 1 million dollar and the foreign investor that can create 10 to make an opportunity artificially with the United States, give 10 thousand emigrant quota of people that have permanent and resident right every year. Among them, at least 3 do an investment quota of people to be withheld in suburb or high unemployment rate the investor of the area, set, in suburb and high unemployment rate the area puts wide restriction, its invest amount to be 500 thousand dollar. Alleged " suburb " , point to cosmopolitan or the city beyond the city that population number amounts to 20 thousand people. So-called high unemployment rate area, point to rate of whole nation of unemployment rate prep above 1. The place of 5 times. Applying detailed rules sets, although be in cosmopolitan or population number is in the city of 20 thousand above, because of the special situation of manage of some cultivate land or politics, also can accord with high unemployment rate the condition of the area.

Investment points to offer sth used to one's own advantage. Capital includes cash, equipment, goods in stock, or other essence belongings, bonds of time deposit, government and other become the negotiable securities of cash and payment for goods easily, can regard capital as.

The capital of investment must not be obtained with illegal means. Applying detailed rules sets, the applicant should be in business with the foreign country record, individual and company declare dutiable goods duty is only, reach other document, prove what what invest gold to obtain, all belong to lawful, but need not prove this capital comes from abroad.

The applicant must found enterprise of a commerciality, real estate invests, buy land or house, sit back and wait appreciates, do not accord with a regulation. This enterprise must be new, buy a company that already existed formerly, also do not accord with a regulation, but applying detailed rules has alternative surely. What it is new commerciality company, include following 3 kinds:

1) activate meaning of a whole new life;

2) the enterprise of bribe stalemate, try to rectify or recombine, withhold original staff;

3) the business that buying and selling already existed, try augment. So-called extension, point to increase net value of primary business asset 40 % above, or increase employee of primary business place to be versed in number amounts to 40 % above. Adopt augment means to apply for settler, also must accord with capital and employ the main demand of 10 employee. New commerciality company can invest by a person, also but the investor of two individual above invests jointly.
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