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The United States invests emigrant chance advent
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American land settlement policy is getting the attention of increasing successful personage, accordingly, a lot of applicant want to understand the United States' emigrant detailed situation morely, emigrant expert did specific introducing related.

Enter the United States to have the following kinds of kind through emigrant way:

F kind -- Family Based relative reunites kind, this kind of means needs to await 3-15 year; E kind -- Employment Based, the person that include personage of prominent public figure, professional personage, technical personnel, religion and creation obtain employment among them. As a result of E kind before 4 kinds of emigrant requirements are special, domestic applicant accords with a requirement very hard, because of this enougher to capital successful personage character, can pass through the way that invests immigrant namely in American creation obtain employment to achieve emigrant goal.

The United States invests emigrant abbreviation to be Eb-5, 1 million dollar invests in the United States or 500 thousand dollar, direct employ 10 employee can obtain immigrant visa, but investor is indispensible bear bigger investment risk and higher employ cost. Nevertheless, inside designation special economic zone, can enjoy the less investment of 500 thousand dollar, change at the same time " direct employ " for " indirect employ " . For example, if investor chooses Ni Yazhou of guest evening standard, choose business of good standing by the government, put the preeminent company such as university of state of Boeing, guest on the unit capital with leasehold means. Means of this kind of investment creates obtain employment opportunity through loan company, at the same time investor need not employ by oneself employee, great reduced investment risk. Have green card to wanting, the public figure that does not consider truly emigrant United States again however, american guest city invests emigrant project is good choice. EB-5 category ever was in 1996 and stop to deal with between 2002, but from 2003 up to now quota is abundant. Miss Zhu reminds, if give a family green card of a piece of United States of purpose, can seize rare now chance, as soon as possible is dealt with.

Advantage of American investment immigrant is distinct

■ to applicant, the world most developed country such as United States of OK and free discrepancy and Canada, conduce to an applicant extending the trade to the United States and whole world, do not accept living time restriction at the same time, without emigrant inspect, and can enjoy the welfare with local dweller.

■ the children to applicant, can preferential enter the United States numerous and outstanding institution of higher learning. Rise to 95%-97% from 3%-5% into the probability that reads the renown school such as Ha Fo, Yale, at the same time optional choose is in the United States or world other country works.

■ system of social security welfare is relatively comprehensive also perfect, include children of medical treatment service, emeritus person to teach safety of grant-in-aid, society the welfare gold, dole and the allowance to children of low income family, job to unemployed man trains allowance and schoolchild nutrition to wait.
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