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The United States invests emigrant EB5 visa (2)
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In the sort that emigrates in the profession, having two categories is to mix in the United States investment establishs battalion of company hand-in-hand go by to have direct connection, it is entrepreneur investment immigrant (the profession is emigrant the 5th preferential, eb-5) and director of transnational corporation director are emigrant (the profession is emigrant the first preferential C kind, EB-1C) .

If the foreigner wants to invest means to get green card through be in the United States, can choose according to respective circumstance and condition firstly.

1, entrepreneur of foreign country of entrepreneur investment immigrant can pass the way that invests in the United States to give his, spouse and not full child of 21 years old files green card. They must have the investment of certain amount to build commercial business in the United States, the investment that proves them will make American economy benefits and can create obtain employment number of the regulation.

Specific requirement is:

(1) builds a new commercial company; Or the company that buys to have, try to transform or recombine in order to become a new commercial company; Or enlarge original company to make its clean asset and service personnel are achieved 140% original, or investment makes a difficult enterprise, in going to arrive two years namely, net assets reduces a cost the enterprise of 20% , maintain the position of existent and all employee. Investment must use real fund, include cash reserve in a bank, machine equipment, goods in stock, reach other belongings. If be to use bank loan investment, must be the private property that uses him investor is made? The loan that mortgage and gets. The bond between the enterprise of investor and investment, bill, or loan not be investment. If invest what there are any acceptances to assure to invest to be able to call in or gain profit between person and investment company, do not calculate for investment.

(2) investment should reach million dollar. Be in certain and specific area to be able to invest 500 thousand dollar, these specific areas are to point to achieve unemployment rate of American whole nation the area of 1.5 times or certain and specific a rural area.

(3) creates full-time obtain employment opportunity for citizens of not less than 10 United States or green card holder. Immigration laws is full-time to investing the " in immigrant the definition of employee " is work one week at least the employee of more than 35 hours. If invest to be in,net assets reduces a cost the difficult enterprise of 20% , want to maintain the position of employee inside at least two years subsequently. The order that foreign entrepreneur files to invest immigrant is to submit emigrant application first (I-526) . After I-526 is approved, if foreign entrepreneur and its spouse are mixed not full child of 21 years old is in the United States, can hand over I-485 to apply for to adjust the identity; If be in the United States besides, the diplomatic and consular missions outside can be stationed in to the United States applies for immigrant visa. They will get temporarily green card. Be in temporarily green card 90 days before maturity two years in, they can hand over I-829 to apply for to get formal green card. Become a full member at present program of type green card is slow should approach 3 years of many time.
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