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The United States invests emigrant new heat: Huge rock of greedy for food onesel
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Regard the center of American northwest ministry as the city, the price of the praedial renting market of Xi Yatu downtown all the time very tall, numerous enterprise seeks suitable space to seek the low price that rent to be all round downtown.

Project of coastal office building that roll out aim to buy, rebuild be located in Washington city Xi Yatu city still the 1531 praedial Coast Cranes Building austral his highway, plan this praedial rebuild office building of mark of SODO area ground. This are praedial transform after finishing, a building will build on former address 6 tall, floor area 286, 000 square foot (1 square metre approximates 10.7 square foot) omnibus building.

In recent years, the empty buy of circumjacent area office building leads Xi Yatu to be reduced continuously, accrual offerred the future that this kind of case gives coastal office building the project to assure. This project predicts at finishing 2010 practice. Professional economy division is analysed hire level will have SODO area to rise significantly first half of the year 2010, predicting hire year return rate is 5% , in addition, investor still can enjoy the rise in value of house property itself. This project always invests about 55 million dollar, every application unit is 500 thousand dollar, the investor outside churchyard of predicting recruit United States 110. Chinese area predicts recruit 30 investor.

The United States invests emigrant project setting

American Eb-5 invests emigrant project (Employment Based Fifth Preference) is executed at rising 1990, the purpose is to attract overseas investment settler to come to the United States investment and opportunity of creation obtain employment. 1993, in EB-5 immigration laws compasses special added " plan of area center immigrant " (Regional Center Pilot Program) , will emigrant investment drops by 1 million dollar to 500 thousand dollar, and will " should create opportunity of 10 obtain employment directly " obtain employment regulation relaxes for " direct or indirect creation opportunity of 10 obtain employment " , can obtain American green card, specific have the following advantage:

Investment source asks to loosen

The individual asset that American investment emigrates to need an applicant only reachs 500 thousand yuan of dollar () of 3.8 million yuan of RMB, the lawful origin that can prove its investment can. Do not need to have be in business administrative experience, as long as year full adult of 21 years old can apply for.

Need not establish actively the business

According to the active regulation of EB-5 project, investor is OK with finite responsibility copartner (Limited Liability Partnership, LLP) the identity has application, this means an applicant to be able to pass the project of the big company that invests stability of low redound of a few risks to finish investment job, gain emigrant status thereby.

Without living time requirement, can settle freely

EB-5 invests emigrant project to do not have living place to restrict to the applicant, american any city can choose to live freely after application is successful. And this project is opposite applicant and family member all do not have living requirement, the applicant can choose to continue to stay in China to take care of the business and life according to him family situation, or the choice goes to American development directly.
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