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American EB-5 invests emigrant project to add " plan of area center immigrant "
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Item of immigrant of American EB-5 investment is extraordinary added " plan of area center immigrant " (Regional Center Pilot Program) , will emigrant investment drops by 1 million dollar to 500 thousand dollar, relax the regulation for " direct or create opportunity of 10 obtain employment secondhand " , can obtain American green card, the nucleus applies for to allow the advantage with time weak point, little limitation in making this project has American emigrant category.

Investment source asks to loosen

The individual asset that American investment emigrates to need an applicant only reachs 500 thousand yuan of dollar () of 3.8 million yuan of RMB, the lawful origin that can prove its investment can. Do not need to have be in business administrative experience, as long as year full adult of 21 years old can apply for.

Can choose freely advocate applicant

Because the United States invests emigrant project,admitting given, do not emphasize managing experience, any one party can make husband and wife give priority to an applicant. If the home is middleaged full member of 21 years old already was in the United States, can go to capital transfer ownership this children under one's name, make by its next give priority to an applicant to apply for family immigrant United States alone.