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Processing of green card application shortens since 2010 to 4 months
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According to the United States " bright newspaper " report, american federal immigration office federal building will hold Yuniuyaomanhadu on Feburary 29 local time emigrant community forum, even more delegate of group of community of descendants of 300 every nationality participates in forum delibrate. At present is in Mai Keai of vice director of work of immigration office home to meet with media express on the meeting, after setting of green card applicant checks the amendment of policy to carry out, new York will have 1, applicant of 800 green card gets the written reply to a subordinate body of the immigration office at the near future. In addition, the immigration office strives from 2010 second half of the year rises, will green card and the sheet that naturalization applies for processing time shortens greatly for 4 to 5 months.

Wheat overcomes Introduction Ai Ci, because announced to open professional immigrant quota of people in June 2007, bring about in those days the professional immigrant of summer applies for twice to increase.

The immigration office received application of 1.4 million green card one year in all last year, was 2006 annual double. Be in only last year in July, the immigration office already received identity of immigrant of 300 thousand professions to adjust application, give plus the application of other category, the application that shares 800 thousand is handed over (in live abroad is emigrant) to the immigration office, compare the corresponding period increased 2006 350% .

Wheat overcomes Ai Ci to say, apply a measure as a result of what increased substantially last summer, bring sheet from this the cognizance speed of application must be lengthened by the 7 months time in the past to 16 to 18 months.

Ai Ci expresses Dan Maike, the immigration office is intensifying adding hire hand, debug new electron actively to handle software, with period accelerate processing speed. Before hoping to be able to be by 2009, finish at present the application case of this batch of keep long in stock. From 2010 second half of the year rises, the processing time that implementation files green card shortens to 4 months, the processing time that naturalization files shrinks to 5 months.