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Bay Chinese enterprise pays close attention to emigrant problem
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Majority of project of Australia business migration is the application that divide a pace, the first: Application works 4 years visa of resident visa category; The 2nd: Application Australia is permanent dweller visa.

After the applicant passes the application of the first pace, need goes to Australia to have the investment of materiality further, so when choosing project of Australia business migration, need makes an analysis according to his circumstance ahead of schedule:

One. Do I prepare how to many capital take to go does Australia invest?

2. In two years when undertake investing management in Australia, how should I or spouse participate in an enterprise to manage?

3. The business that I start in Chinese churchyard place reachs advantage resource, how can outspread try to use to Australia?

4. The circumstance of integrated China churchyard reachs Australia situation, I am to invest Australian company to become a shareholder, still offer new company afresh?

5. How to choose likely investment area:

The national capital in applying for personage of Australian business migration to be in is more successful entrepreneur, there are extensive commercial network and particular economic actual strength in some commerce domain, the applicant should produce his specialty when options looks, the choice fits the project that he invests. Next, we undertake an analysis in the light of more reliable investment means, the hope chooses to be helped somewhat to you.

One. Join local credit to have the company that runs management experience very much.

Risk of mode of this kind of investment is relatively lesser, the enterprise that need investor invests to place and local environment have more thorough knowledge, need seeks the person that deserves credit or commercial collaboration opportunity.

2. Buy the company share of management stability.

Manage stabler company to have more perfect management system, easy take over and the risk is little. But, the amount that expects investment is very significant. In Australia, even if the business of same kind, the investment fund of need can have severalfold even the difference of a few times. If investor cannot define his investment scope, find suitable investment project very hard.

3. Use the dominant position of oneself, manage independently, perhaps use advantage of domestic natural resources to begin international trade and business affairs collaboration.

Sum up above, australia government supports pattern of this kind of business affairs more, namely international trade and business affairs cooperate. Australia government is in business to encourage abroad personage to invest with go to bay development, roll out multinomial support exit and give aid to emigrant allowance policy. For instance: The Australia medium and small businesses that every is engaged in exporting can apply for overseas market to develop allowance, the government will assume the export market of 50% to develop fare to export a company, this one policy is very advantageous to new immigrant.
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