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Australian immigration office: Emigrant broaden the scope still answers the barr
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Australian immigration office admits, although introduce skilled skilled worker energetically federally in order to resolve the shortage of home that use worker worker, but the requirement that still cannot satisfy each city and region labour market, mining industry, bldg. and nurse the shortage using worker worker of course of study particularly serious.

The immigration office is high official Peter Speldewinde goes out in middle finger of cloth Lisbon conference, although was increased federally,mix to mining, building and the education that nurse groom strength, and also let abroad student learn English thick and fast, but these did not solve problem of the Australian waste that use worker worker it seems that.

Revised skilled worker immigration laws last year federally, in the education of the English ability that abroad student emphasizes particularly on in emigrant exam and professional technology, several abroad students had become the main new force of project of permanent technology immigrant.

Obtaining division of the nurse from job seniority card, dentist, engineer, radiographer, town planning, clinician, electrical engineering, baker, bricklayer, machinist, carpenter and chef all is the skilled worker with each the most in short supply city. But immigration office data shows, the most welcome course in overseas student is career of management, social welfare, hairdressing beautifies hair instead course of study, accountant, cooking and computer study.

Senior official Speldewinde tells the immigration office education to the bound is represented in the conference on October 10, the hole in immigration laws is already a lot of less, but take care of cent to be obtained in emigrant exam, a lot of people can think all way. Emigrant profession demand is expressed (the immigrant that professional strong point contains in having a list can be in the exam enjoy add cent additionally to take care of) affecting us to be opposite greatly emigrant choice.

Speldewinde expresses, the immigration office is examining emigrant exam system to choose the technical staff that needs most to domestic labour market in order to assure Australia currently. "What we should pay close attention to is quality is not an amount. "What we should pay close attention to is quality is not an amount..