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"Covert conditional amnesty " into Italy illegal immigrant expects finally
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After Italian government won't repass " amnesty " will solve illegal emigrant problem to already was become finality, so, very much Ceng Xi hopes to build " amnesty " the relevant order that the illegal immigrant of last bus can place last hope at the government to revise a labor to apply for only -- can complete all application in Italian churchyard formalities, till be taken resident, and need not return ancestral home country to deal with application visa formalities.

Latter, after the distinguished personages of many political circles that includes Boule dean to expend the Buddhist nun inside puts forward to should offer the illegal emigrant job that has the job resident point of view, labor application and " covert conditional amnesty " bind together became the people before the end of the year is the oldest this year expect.

Concerned personage tells a reporter, program of current labor application complete set is " immigration laws " proclaimed in writing sets, if the government decides to be versed in through fatigue application will be opposite,emigrate illegally give the wrongdoer a way out, must undertake modification to law above all so, perhaps publish suppletion proposal, hand in discuss by two courtyards through. So, people is expecting a government " Shi En " when, the act of concerned form a complete set of should close advertent government, because, any important decisions are not made overnight, want to experience a process. If function branch of the government had begun certain program, the measure that that can go down to receiving undertakes grinding sentencing.

Roman municipal government is in charge of the staff member of emigrant general affairs saying to the reporter, wu has policy of the newest economy that still does not see give a government to come on stage at present, banking and emigrant thing why to concern, but, grim economic situation can make the government is examined afresh necessarily, adjust current land settlement policy, the form that perhaps publishs compensatory law finally through revising relevant law tries creditably to solve.

"The contribution that immigrant makes to developing national economy place will become clearer and clearer as the change of economic environment, italy and the development that European Union economy did not come to need the investment of international capital for certain, and resemble China such important economy system, affirmative henceforth meeting has many capital to cast to Europe, the Chinese here can do a lot of works " , an Italian reporter thinks so.