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Portuguese large quantities of immigrant are held " should want to live habitat
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On October 12 afternoon, portuguese Lisbon encountered enter this year autumn since the first big rainstorm. In secret pluvial act, immigrant of hundreds of each country performed the one act with touching passion.

Controlled at 3 o'clock that day afternoon, hundreds of lawful immigrant that come from Portuguese emigrant organization and illegal immigrant were held " should resident " " should live " big parade. Procession sets out by MARTIM MONIZ square, head for municipal government along shopping mall of ROSSIO square classics, instantly midday was controlled at 4 o'clock, the team comes all right near ROSSIO square when, bend dish heavy rain directly and below, passerby is avoided in succession. But the immigrant in procession still day of noisy of strains of music accompanied by drumbeats, catchword is ablaze, formation in an orderly way, more commendable is convoy procession by motorcycle the police still fulfils his duty to be in responsibly procession front open a way.

This second parade comes from the emigrant organization of country of Brazil, hamster, Africa to attend by several. Be like as one used to do same, the Chinese immigrant that has important place in Portuguese immigrant still attends this kind of displacement civilian to strive for the activity of legitimate rights and interests without the delegate.

"Processional " gift in the constitution that is country of modern legal system one of basic rights of the citizen. In western democracy country, the desire that expresses individual and organization through the means of processional demonstrate is the basiccest right of everybody. The people conveys him desire to strive for his right through parade, the government understands the people's aspirations through parade, add up to accord with popular wishes as far as possible when administration.

"Processional " can say to had become state of democratic legal system a kind of distinctive society culture. In Portuguese live abroad number carries, the reporter has seen incomputable processional activity. Last month, portuguese each teacher labour union organizes parade, row of sheet of on 1000 people grows a long, the hand pulls everybody a long fly slowly before row, the sort of depressive atmosphere can make the person chokes. Before a few years, be in a shopping mall the square south, the name cannot have remembered, still see the parade that Portuguese judge labour union holds to increase income. If you pay close attention to the news of Portuguese mainland, you can discover each estate of Portuguese society, each trade, below the impel of a certain target, metropolis organically builds up together, press through parading this kind of means is applied to the government, strive for the interest of oneself. A kind of nonviolent reason revolts processional can yet be regarded as the fight means with unfair society.