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Australias business migration visa hot push up short-term study
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, Australia in February next year, admission is about to close in the end of October. Therefore, the application for admission to study in February next year, university graduates should become the mainstream application for study in Australia. However, short-term application to Australia to learn English that the number of 570 visas has sprung.

Australian 570 visa is a pure language course visa. 570 visas by Australia to learn the language can be for future study, employment, immigration and even laying the foundation. Australia compared to other visa types, 570 more flexible visa requirements for students without IELTS, no academic requirements, no age limit, no sponsor restrictions, while 20 million security deposit can be less, and only three such funds secured month history of bank deposits, also allows the applicant to Australia to work while studying.

570 visa categories of the main face of the crowd, hoping to Australia to learn English and experience a short life abroad in the senior management of the enterprise; unable to meet the other visa categories and the language requirements for capital, but hopes to gain valuable 570 visas and foreign language learning work experience stable income working-class children. In addition, there is hope to study in Australia but has been unable to achieve the required IELTS score of fresh candidates. This group can first learn the language through the 570 visa to Australia, the language through the visa and then apply for other categories such as undergraduate and taught postgraduate visa, 573 visa to enter Australia.

However, growth and migration 570 visa applicants the Australian heat are inseparable. With the choice of domestic high-income immigrants from overseas, Australia became one of the hot immigration. According to the Australian Embassy web site published from 2010 to 2011 the quota for immigration plan, the total quota of the quota scheme consistent with last year, reaching 168,700 people. Among them, the 2010-2011 business immigration quota for the 7800 and maintain Australia's business in 6 years the highest number of immigrant quota. Meanwhile, relatives of the 2010 Australian Immigration and independent security class technology cuts in quotas for skilled migrants, compared to 2009 decreased by 71% and 15%.

Australian business immigration quotas in 2010 to maintain the high point in the calendar year, which the Australian Government attaches great importance to business immigration policy. Girard came to power after the new prime minister, hopes to promote local business immigration rapid economic rebound as soon as possible out of the morass of the financial crisis. According to the Australian Embassy in China to provide data, since 2005 in all categories of immigration quotas, the only commercial quota has never been increasing year after year to maintain a negative growth in the number of other projects there have been ups and downs are. Thus, business migration program has been taken by successive Australian governments and leaders to further stimulate the national economy, increasing employment and effective means of stimulating domestic demand.

It is because of Australia's business migration to take a positive attitude, making the domestic investors will invest in the future of Australia as a migration option. However, Australia has actually happened? Whether the investment prospects? 570 visas for Chinese investors, no doubt to Australia to visit the region to provide a social environment of the opportunities, but also be able to charge ahead, improve their English.

Australia is a typical immigration countries, immigration regulations to improve the social welfare system is better, the advanced education system. Compared to other major immigration countries, Australia business migration program has "a short trial period, the investment cost less formalities simple" feature, so has been deeply concerned about the domestic commercial customers. At present, 570 visa applications for business customers, can be said to provide a choice of investment "to taste before you buy" opportunities.