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Italy has legal work to emigrate to did not feel most probably nearly suffer dis
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According to Italy " Europe couplet times " report, italy " Farefuturo " the investigation that the immigrant of legal to be being had in Italy status had foundation be as long as 7 years, through investigating discovery the immigrant of 70% has a profession in Italy, they live in rental room to have a salary that still calculates satisfaction, among them half immigrant believe in is Mohammedan, the difficulty that male immigrant basically faces is housing, and the female is emigrant, especially housewife the difficulty that basically faces is the environment suits wait for a series of societies and domestic problem.

Overall and character, with the male emigrant photograph is compared, major female immigrant thinks to live in Italy nonexistent special difficulty, the immigrant that has nearly 80% thinks he is very easy or blend in Italian society more easily. Causing the male to emigrate to blend in the reason of Italian society harder is distrust, hostile psychology and custom respectively different, the female's emigrant main and difficult element is the Italian's indifference.