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Add an official newly to decrease immigrant of beautiful profession of a long-pe
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According to the United States " world daily " report, american application profession is emigrant (I-140) a long-pending case is severe, divide special situation, general application is without activity. American emigrant bar association (AILA) pointed out recently, the immigration office expresses, as new groomed I-140 examines and approve an official to increase, i-140 examines and approve speed to will rise considerably, strive April 2009, will examine and approve speed to rise to be finished inside 4 months.

American emigrant bar association expresses, serving with confederative citizen and immigrant bureau (USCIS) shows about the official in the talk, the each category I-140 that examination target finishs to apply to professional immigrant green card inside 4 months applies for, include labor paper (exempt of interest of Perm) profession immigrant, state (the NIW) of EB2 and phenom (EB-1) application.

The key that the immigration office works first half of the year this year is the citizen naturalization application that expedites the keep long in stock that finish (N-400) , attend the presidential general election November 4 in order to make naturalization applicant can be caught up with to poll. Next the immigration office will accelerate what other category immigrant applies for to examine and approve speed gradually.