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Roll out " fair car plans " Madrid is enrolled exceptionally to aid emigrant obt
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According to Spain " Ou Hua signs up for " report, madrid immigration office is rolled out to assist immigrant " fair car plans " , this information seeks advice from fair car to swim make one's rounds 32 distinguish, offer all sorts of basic message to seek advice from a service for immigrant, undertake to immigrant obtain employment coachs. At the same time the government still rolls out the information on the net to seek advice from a service, should log onto to be able to be gotten only of all kinds hire information and register vocational training course.

Ndez-Lasquetty of á of emigrant official Javier Fern expresses, "In economic crisis period, the best method of to apply for a job is gotten in great quantities namely information and undertake ego vocational training.

Looking around " information fair car " hind, ndez-Lasquetty of Javier Fern á expresses, immigrant wanted to get on fair car to be able to get the information of simple palpability instantly only, include how to apply for a job, how to do resume, how to apply for the job to permit...

Ndez-Lasquetty of Javier Fern á still expresses, although this the activity is to face all citizens, but support focal point of the government is emigrant.

2008 a year, madrid government already offerred vocational training course for 200 thousand immigrant.