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Italian government punishs illegal immigrant: Enter inspect instead amerce by co
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European Union justice, freedom and elegant gram of safe work commissioner? Ba Luoceng is in to Italian authorities today summer citizen of Italian limitative European Union expresses to pay close attention to strongly in the law with its churchyard current freedom, the European Union citizen that will not accord with emigrant condition to Italian authorities forcibly ejective measure feels malcontent, hope Italy government is adopted only supervise and urge the practice of leave a country.

Although Rob of minister of Italian Home Office is special - this kind of settles illegal immigrant program that Maluonibuzan becomes an European Union, think this is planted supervise and urge simply the plan of leave a country can disable at all, but, violate compasses investigation order to avoid an European Union to start, maluoni still accepted the plan of the European Union finally.

Maluoni expressed a few days ago, italy will cancel to enter the punishment of inspect to illegal emigrant convict, implement the policy of amerce to illegal immigrant, besides, italian government still will be in the safe and second reading amendment that waits for examine and verify cancel to be able to be sentenced the illegal immigrant blame that 6 months reach 4 years. The foreign immigrant that always will be not law sluggish to leave Italy henceforth will is in in order to fine.