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New policy of Australia business migration
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The main characteristic of new policy:

(1) ? ? Cancelled plan cent to make, want to accord with postulate to be able to apply for to win approval only.

(2) ? ? Encourage Sydney to the place beyond settles and invest, only should state government assures do not need English success namely, emigrant condition is reduced greatly.

(3) ? ? Divide kind of immigrant, the person with nice condition but one pace reachs the designated position, obtain directly always reside; The condition is poorer can obtain 4 years first temporarily resident, after building the business 2 years, apply for to always be resided again. Applicant family (contain spouse and 25 years old of the following and maiden children and support advocate applicant and the parents that the spouse lives) can include inside application.

One. Obtain the commercial gift that always resides to emigrate directly (132 categories)

Applicant accords with the following and main demand to be able to apply for to always reside directly obtain green card:

L? ? ? ? ? ? Be in business successfully experience;

2? ? ? ? ? ? The share that 10% above own in there are 2 years to be in a company in going 4 years and this stock value 400 thousand bay money;

3? ? ? ? ? The company has 2 years of turnover to obtain 3 million bay money in going 4 years;

4? ? ? ? ? ? Family total assets is in above of 1.5 million bay money;

5? ? ? ? ? ? Government having a state assures;

6? ? ? ? ? ? The age is 55 years old the following; Do not want English result.

2. Obtain 4 years to face first house, green card turns after build the business 2 years to Australia or investing 4 years.

This category divides kind: Entrepreneur, senior administrator reachs investor, each kinds are divided again government having a state assures and assure without state government. If do not have state government to assure, applicant must 45 years old the following, have elegant think of 5 above achievement to just can apply for; Government having a state assures the age relaxes, do not want English result.

Government having a state assures category:

(1) proprietor of an enterprise, have assure (163 kinds) (this category suits Chinese applicant to apply for most)

163A kind (the share that there are 10% aboves in the company)

L? ? ? ? ? ? Those who have a success be in business (management) setting;

2? ? ? ? ? ? The past has the share that owns 10% above 2 years in the company in 4 years, and year turnover all is in above of 300 thousand bay money;

3? ? ? ? ? ? Family net assets 250 thousand bay money;

4? ? ? ? ? ? The age is 55 years old the following, without English requirement;

163B kind (share is not had in the company)

L? ? ? ? ? ? Have a success be in business (management) setting,

2? ? ? ? ? ? There was senior management experience 4 years continuously in the past, and turnover of 4 years all is in the company above of 1 million bay money;
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