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Doorsill of Australia business migration is reduced
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Invest to encourage trade, australian government was a few days ago in new business migration law, reduced the demand to applicant, want applicant to have two years only commercial experience, own about 1.8 million individual property but.

In the meantime, mix federally south bay state government all also came on stage a few days ago new politics: Allocate funds by the government the allowance of business migration accord that to coming round this city invests, allowance amount will amount to 45 million bay money; Always come south bay business migration, once its invest a project to get the government is approved, all can enjoy this subsidy. And to encourage export, australia government rolled out the allowance policy that supports exit: Every is engaged in the Australia medium and small businesses of exit, can apply for overseas market to develop allowance, the government will assume the export market of 50% to develop fare to export a company, this will be very advantageous to new immigrant.