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Canadian province belongs to business migration
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Manituoba is saved (Manitoba) business migration

Manituoba is saved is Canadian afforestation enclothes the province with the largest area, the environment is beautiful. This province is located in center of the North American, what United States of a by way of reachs Mexico avoid passageway of custom duty commerce. The traffic carrying trade that Manituoba saves develops. Food machines course of study and agriculture to also have higher level. Current, this province develops energetically is telecommunication and telecommunications industry.

Applicant asks as follows:

Have 3 years above is in business or business management experience.
Individual net assets 250 thousand add yuan (200 thousand dollar) above.
Offer the detailed and feasible commerce that accords with Manituoba to save particular case to invest specification.
After Manituoba saves emigrant ministry to approve your emigrant application, you need to collect 75 thousand add yuan (60 thousand dollar) regard investment as bail to emigrant ministry account
Take visa of Canadian permanent resident to be saved to Manituoba when your family after landing, if yourself does a company to cast 150 thousand add yuan (120 thousand dollar) , or cast 150 thousand add yuan of company that reachs place; The industry buys a share, you collect emigrant ministry 75 thousand add yuan of investment earnest money, emigrant ministry can return you entirely.
Undertake to Manituoba business affairs makes an on-the-spot investigation

Do not accept the restriction of the age, record of formal schooling and the gift of tongues
The family that does not have additional requirement is permanent dweller visa
Can choose living province freely
Enjoy Canada's total material benefits
New Sikexia is saved (Nova Scotia) business migration

New Sikexia is saved be located in Atlantic of Canadian the eastpart part coastal, the scenery is beautiful, climate is appropriate. This province economy with agriculture, fishery, light industry and tourism are given priority to. New Sikexia saves the education of the Canada that be called, canada has ten universities and institute to be located in this province.

Applicant asks as follows:

Age 25-60 year old;
Can basic English and at least high school graduates;
The past must have administrative work experience of at least two years in 5 years, this kind of experience can be to be in an enterprise, in governmental orgnaization, considering to be obtained in sexual orgnaization or other and relevant orgnaization, working unit can be productiveness organization already, OK also dispute productiveness organization;
The applicant is had at least 300 thousand add yuan (230 thousand dollar) net assets, these asset can be house property wait praedial, also can be deposit, debt coils, the movables such as the stock
After the favourable province that the applicant saves in new Sikexia belongs to nomination to plan basic examine and verify to pass, must one-time invest in this province 128, 800 add yuan, these investment are to cannot be returned return;
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