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Financial storm affects emigrant market
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The United States is encountering " hundred years encounter " financial seismic sea wave, global economy happens acuteness and queasy. What effect will financial crisis produce to each country immigrant? The reporter learns through interviewing each immigrant orgnaization, place of emigrant market of Australia, Canada suffers an effect lesser, labor immigrant of the United States and relative immigrant apply for difficulty to may increase, the immigrant of Singapore is cut more serious.

Beautiful: Labor and relative immigrant suffocate suffocate

The United States thinks into the expert that amount to, below persistent financial crisis, american economy moves toward depression gradually. To promote economy anabiosis and grow, the United States will introduce foreign capital further, open investment climate, relax investment immigrant visa, this to investment settler, it is an interest good news.

Because financial crisis causes the increase of unemployment, the economic pressure of American home can bring about group of interest of a few home to fight the growth of foreign labor and emigrant mood necessarily, the United States becomes emigrant expert Mr Liu that amount to to think, worker of near future United States is immigrant the retrogression of platoon period may be mirrorred one kind namely. Relative immigrant respect, american applicant also brings about what immigrant of income short of sets to assure because of unemployment or the account that reduce salary likely standard, such he himself will square beneficiary beneficiary is emigrant in cannot assuring, must look for associated security to assure jointly, once cannot find associated security, emigrant road will become more rough, public burden is considered as when in be being brought about because of American applicant low income, just emigrating and by the case of refus, as the abidance of American banking crisis, be sure to have add without decrease.

Bay, add: Not big to emigrant influence

Affect as a result of what get financial storm, bay express federally, the basis the change of domestic banking environment emigrates external the number is appropriate make adjust. Does this meeting deny emigrant to domestic Australia market to produce certain effect? According to handsome collect analysis of expert Miss Jiang, the economic connection of Australia and United States is close in that way without Europe, the loss that gets is beautiful without Europe also the country is big, because storm of finance of this United States won't be right,Australian immigrant market causes too big effect.

Additional, the personage inside course of study also thinks, because Canada invests immigrant to have governmental safeguard, investment amount achieves a requirement to be able to be returned return investor, get financial storm the effect is very small.

It is the article below the likelihood affects or involve board piece: Examine this to classify trade of all stock prices a prices general survey

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