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Enthusiasm of applicant of Australia business migration upsurges continuously
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The business migration policy with active Australia began to carry out on March 1, 2003. Of this policy come on stage aim to attract more foreign success businessmen to do poineering work to Australia investment, encourage new immigrant actively to settle and do poineering work in the area beyond big city, for abroad be in from the commercial elite personage of business bay investment, resident build a more convenient bridge. Once the business migration law with new Australia is rolled out, cause the attention of a lot of China entrepreneur, also lifted tide of an Australia business migration in China at the same time.

One, advantage of business migration policy is clear

1, application demand is not high:

Evaluate an enterprise to whether satisfy the requirement that Australia business migration files, australia government key is year of turnover of the scale that assesses an applicant to hold share in this company place and this enterprise, of the enterprise run time and advocate applicant business background. With Chinese entrepreneur application visa of most 163 business migration is exemple: Two sort person suits this kind of visa very much.
The first kind, the applicant is in this enterprise hold the equity of at least 10% , and this enterprise is in two years turnover achieved the random inside 4 years in the past 300 thousand bay money, applicant and its spouse are had at least 300 thousand bay yuan individual asset is amounted to. This kind of visa is appellative 163 (A) kind visa.
The 2nd kind, if the applicant does not have equity in the enterprise that hold a post, but have at least successive senior management experience of 3 years (these 3 years experience can be to be in same an enterprise, also can be to be in different company but must be to have 3 years of consecutive time, and year of turnover requirement of relevant enterprise had abolished last year) , had better have 3 years of above formal record of formal schooling, applicant and its spouse are had at least 300 thousand bay yuan individual asset is amounted to. This kind of visa is appellative 163 (B) kind visa.
Be worth what carry is, in Australia immigration laws, the equity that asks a person to Wu Shen and the turnover that the applicant is in an enterprise have firm mensurable demand (this demand is not high) . This mensurable requirement often is to evaluate an applicant to whether satisfy business migration to apply for qualificatory precondition. Not tall to the requirement of applicant individual asset (it is normally 300 thousand bay yuan asset proves) . And, want those who have state government to assure only, do not have the requirement of English level to the applicant. In the meantime, quite comfortable also to age upper limit of 55 years old of the applicant.

2, application time is not long:

The cognizance of Australia business migration is opposite in all emigrant countries faster. To the Chinese entrepreneur at the majority, by the limitation at English level, need to obtain state government to assure above all just can submit emigrant application. Current, because the applicant is more, apply for those who obtain state government to assure need the 8 time to 12 weeks about, after should obtaining state government to assure, immigrant visa application just can hand over application formally to arrive Australia immigration office. Process of this one visa also needs 12 months at present, the applicant can be arranged go interview and body examination. The cognizance time that whole immigrant visa files, can end in 15 months at present.
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