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Chase after sit-down of 9 foreign citizen of Chinese origin to be chased
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According to Canada " bright newspaper " cite appends new company report, 9 China immigrant will be in office of development of business of province of island of Canadian Edward prince on October 1 sit-down, demand government returns the earnest money of 25 thousand yuan of credit that invests immigrant, but police is present take away them.

A demonstrate person say, governmental group fuzz drives them, he begins to shake to Canadian confidence.

Demonstrate person point out, this credit earnest money is their due, they live more than 1 year in Edward prince island, with respect to the qualified refund that get.

City of sanded the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces (Charlottetown) dweller Gao Jinhui (transliteration) say, he wants to take him due earnest money only, get nowadays such pay, he shakes to Canadian confidence.

Demonstrate person express, their some people live in Edward prince island most 2 years, heretofore does not have recapture half wool money. These immigrant say, somebody acceptance and they talk face-to-face, but they wait painstakingly 5 hours, the police drives a building out of them however.

Gao Jinhui invests 105 thousand yuan of enterprise in Edward princely island to go up, add gold of guaranty of on 20 thousand metalanguage, still have brushstroke earnest money of 25 thousand yuan of credit, this emigrant plan invests tot 150 thousand yuan.

He says, he does not know his money invests which enterprise even. He is anxiety-ridden now, because have,report, the police may investigate this plan, his money or principal are not had return.

Gao Jinhui already lived in Edward prince island 13 months, he says he won't stop. He plans Zhou Si to return bureau of province business development, at the appointed time the procession that 300 China investor can join them.

Office of innovation of Edward prince island grows Braun (Richard Brown) expresses, his Zhou San calls together an employee to hold urgent meeting in the evening, discuss plan of this nomination that visit government office. But he points out, some immigrant do not have recapture their bail, because they do not have file doing appropriate, prove they are in provincial live more than 1 year.