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Below new condition, emigrant applicant this what course to follow?
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Current by the United States second its consequence is in the economic panic that borrows crisis place to cause grow like a weed, caused the dominoes effect of numerous domain, the applicant of many emigrant domains also begins to express concern to emigrant foreground. From the point of the surface, the economic situation that Shangbule watchs did not produce an effect to emigrant industry, but whether can future bring change to emigrant industry inside period of time? Whether can you produce indirect effect to emigrant applicant? These are the problems that the applicant is eager to understanding. For this, the reporter covered interest of Dalian Si Tan technically (addition) general manager Mr Tao Guodong of emigrant company, ask him to analyse 2008~2009 for readers with professional perspective year the development trend of emigrant industry, reach the problem that emigrant applicant should note.

Conduction immigrant more be economical

From apparently look, low confused economic situation also gave emigrant industry to bring trifling influence it seems that, but from the point of another angle through anatomize instead had larger space. Tao Guodong is with Canadian investment immigrant exemple calculated brushstroke Zhang for us: Add money the exchange rate to the RMB by 1 original: 7 fell 1 present: 5.9, invested amount to drop that is to say near 15% , saved the investment cost of ten RMBs than before, the interest it may be said that this change brings to investor is in overtones.

Favorable treatment won't change

The change of economic situation also does not affect Canadian government the favorable treatment to new immigrant, it is the welfare pay such as free filial education or perfect medical treatment system no matter the second half that can be you is unripe bring all-around safeguard. "Look so from this angle, the Chinese investor that instantly imposes a state to migrating of purpose is the best opportunity of emigrant Canada. The Chinese investor that instantly imposes a state to migrating of purpose is the best opportunity of emigrant Canada..

Should notice the industry grows a tendency

Be in business clearly to be being held partly purpose immigrant applicant, tao Guodong general manager suggests: "Had better do in the light of the trade that wants sortie ahead of schedule survey, because do not eliminate these trades,can get the influence of financial storm. " and great majority just thinks of to take the applicant of green card, won't be affected basically.

"Emigrant condition relaxes further likely "

Finally, tao Guodong still says: "From the point of the viewpoint of my individual, a few main and emigrant countries fall in grim economic situation, what need most is capital and the force that revitalize native economy. Because this does not eliminate these countries to relax measure of examine and verify, attract more to invest emigrant likelihood. From the point of this angle, to the applicant benefit is more than fraud current economic situation. To the applicant benefit is more than fraud current economic situation..
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