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Why to invest immigrant to choose Canada
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Immigrant is great to life is for the applicant choice, the meaning is far-reaching. You are before immigrant not only the issue that should consider the square respect range such as Wu of living environment, obtain employment or investment opportunity, duty, social welfare, consider the issue such as filial education and the development that did not come even, the ability after so you needed to have sufficient understanding and knowledge to destination makes emigrant decision.
Most person can choose economy to develop, the country with stable society, wait like the United States, Australia and Canada. Because political situation of blame democracy country is very flabby,decide, disorder of security of society, emigrant life property cannot get any safeguard, for example south Africa happened to rob and the incident of shoot dead Chinese; And the country with emigrant backward economy, it is very difficult to seek a good job repeatedly, more do not talk to go up invest a career; The country with emigrant serious the colour bar, wait for a country like south Africa, Australia, as the foreign citizen of Chinese origin of minority, its social class even life property gets very hard assuring, just like the commotion that Indonesian happening, chinese be the first to be affected becomes a victim.
Investment immigrant must be in emigrant and forward place application country invests brushstroke, the element of each respect such as the risk that the applicant should consider integratedly to invest emigrant cost, place to assume and the earnings that achieve after immigrant is successful and life quality.

One, the comparison that is the same as the United States and Australia

1.Investment cost:

Canada invests 400 thousand add yuan (about 2.2 million RMB) , the repayment of capital after 5 years;
The United States invests 1 million dollar (about 8.3 million RMB) ;
Australia invests 750 thousand bay money (about 4.1 million RMB) .

2.Investment risk:

The ability after Canadian interview is passed invests, without the risk, and assure by the government;
The United States invests first, the risk is big, and devoted and private company, have market risk;
Australia invests first, the risk is big, and devoted and private company, have market risk.

3.Reliable financing means:

Canada can apply for bank loan, investor needs to pay only the least 110 thousand add yuan;
The United States cannot apply for loan;
Australia cannot apply for loan.

2, why to choose Canada

Canada is located in the top of North America mainland, atlantic rises east, pacific Ocean comes on the west. The area is close kilometer of square of 1 ten million, it is the 2nd big country of world. Current, the population that impose a state has 3000 much, to retain the competition ability that its get on in the world, the bearer outside be being attracted ceaselessly just is to impose the policy with long-term country. Accordingly, compare with the country such as the United States, Australia, emigrant condition of Canada is more comfortable. Emigrant Canada invests with respect to the brushstroke that is life, your pay be sure to win considerable get one's own back.
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