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Business migration sort
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Business migration, generally refer to has certain assets, the camp of already of industrial and commercial look forward to that at the same time oneself have fixed rate or the application public figure that manage experience. This kinds of immigrant must be willing capital or Canada of technical invest in, in order to promote Canadian economy development, add obtain employment opportunity and rich culture life. Once the applicant accords with what Canadian government institute makes to concern a provision, can obtain immigrant visa.
Normally cent is business migration 3 kinds big:

·Investment is emigrant

·Entrepreneur is emigrant

·Hire immigrant oneself

Investment is emigrant

The applicant with alleged emigrant investment should be the asset that classics oneself accumulates hard net specified number not less than 800 thousand add yuan; Once managed successfully, manage or pursue a trade; After emigrant Canada, be willing to have the investment of certain amount in Canada. Canadian government or Quebec save investment immigrant fund of management for investment category.

Entrepreneur is emigrant

The basic principle with emigrant enterprise depends on developing business, to promote Canadian economy development and raise obtain employment rate to make contribution. The applicant with emigrant enterprise should have experience of certain industrial and commercial management; Have at least 200 thousand add yuan net assets; Must capable to be built in Canada, buy or invest and run an industrial and commercial company, if be partnership business, the share of applicant hold is not gotten little at 25% , and at least employ citizen of a Canada or dweller; Investment is in fifty thousand and ten add or so yuan.

Enterprise immigrant can obtain the immigrant visa of accessary condition commonly, stipulate the applicant must fulfil investment commitment. Enterprise immigrant must touch the its acceptance carries out inside two years enterprise after adding to develop a plan commonly (investment project can be revised) . Once business is fulfilled, can file eliminate visa requirement.

Hire immigrant oneself

Although include business migration inside, but the standard that hires immigrant oneself is to consult to emigrate independently of the category, different point depends on those who accord with a qualification employing emigrant applicant oneself but additional get 25 ~ 30 minutes. The professional personage that the applicant that hires immigrant oneself must prove to he is a success can be in Canada to start scope of operation successfully, him him employ. Employ the member that immigrant is the small-sized owner, writer, artist, athletic sports that has special skill or knowledge normally oneself. The application case that at present majority is accepted is the artist with famous international, athlete. If the applicant can prove he can be become,employ a public figure oneself, farmer and crackajack small business owner also can apply for.
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