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The 8 large dominant positions with classical emigrant investment
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Canada, it is public figure of domestic successful trade all the time the country that abroad immigrant favors most. And Quebec is saved (Quebec) investment is emigrant, the land settlement policy as a result of its cheap expenditure, stability and operate circuit conveniently and become numerous have keep in mind the first selection in the applicant memory of emigrant Canada, can says those who invest immigrant is classical.
The main demand of immigrant of Quebec province investment to applicant is, investor is had 800 thousand add yuan (add up to a RMB about 5.2 million) the asset of above and 3 years of successful commerce of above manage experience. Means of two kinds of investment can offer an alternative, it is the fund investment that appoints in the government 400 thousand add yuan (add up to a RMB about 2.6 million) , by a definite date 5 years, capital of the investment after 5 years is assured by Canadian government sum repays; 2 it is applicant can choose to invest only without return return 120 thousand add yuan (add up to a RMB about 780 thousand) financing means.
Immigrant of investment of Canadian Quebec province and phase of other and emigrant project are more apparent than the advantage:
◆ application condition is simple. All Quebec provinces invest emigrant applicant to do not have the requirement of record of formal schooling, English, also do not have the limitation of the age, this to at present home has appeal extremely for most proprietor of an enterprise.
◆ applies for speed to be accelerated ceaselessly. 2005, immigrant of Quebec province investment applies for to be carried further fast. A lot of chief provinces of the near future invest emigrant client 2-4 the month can join interview, cognizance speed has before relatively rise significantly.
◆ procedure is simple expenditure is least. Quebec province invests immigrant to need not go to Canada undertaking making an on-the-spot investigation in applying for a process, applicant needs to attend interview to Hong Kong only can, the procedure is very simple. Family of immigrant of Quebec province investment invests the other besides the paragraph in eliminate all expenditure need only 11 - 120 thousand RMB, it is a all expenditure in investing emigrant project are least.
◆ has safeguard into power. With all 2004 Quebec the province invested emigrant client to carry interview successfully entirely 2003.
One pace of ◆ reachs the designated position obtain emigrant status. After Quebec invests emigrant application to succeed, applicant becomes Canadian permanent resident immediately, begin to enjoy all welfare treatment.
◆ freedom selects living site. Canada does not have census register limitation, after Quebec province invests emigrant application to succeed, applicant can settle immediately in Canada any cities, include emigrant heat city Wengehua and Toronto.
◆ need not establish in Canada enterprise. Immigrant of Quebec province investment is belonged to " passive investment " project, applicant does not need to share management actively.
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