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Canada invests land settlement policy to relax
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Canadian investment immigrant basically has federal to invest emigrant project and Quebec to invest province of emigrant project, Nuo to invest emigrant project to wait, immigrant of this kind of investment has made domestic successful public figure's emigrant and abroad important way.

As we have learned, in category of Canadian all immigrant, the most welcome is investment immigrant. This kind of immigrant took many fund to Canada, can increase new obtain employment chance to impose a state, in daily life immigrant also has higher spending, accordingly, canadian immigration office emigrates to investment a case can give preferential processing normally. State of couplet of federal immigration office of near future Canada invests emigrant project to take seriously more, relaxed to invest land settlement policy further. Incorporate is in:

1. applies for cycle to begin to shorten, canadian federal invests the application cycle of emigrant project to had fallen to be controlled to 18 months.

2. doorsill already fell very lowly later from 2002, the applicant should be obtained legally only be more than the 800 thousand individual net assets that adds money, can apply for Canadian federal to invest immigrant (the condition that immigrant invests federally before 2002 is legal ground " earn " , and now instead " obtain " , included namely lawful bequest and donative, also include rise in value of lawful house property, stock) .

The dimensions that 3. Canada federal invests emigrant project to run a company in the round to the applicant and requirement are relatively inferior. Canadian federal immigration office pays close attention to investment immigrant project afresh, comparative to succeed partly to China the personage offerred new opportunity. Additional, invest emigrant project and Nuo province to invest emigrant project with the chief province with safe celebrated stability all along, remain broad and successful personage's emigrant and abroad important way. Prove strength inconvenient applicant to the respect waiting in financing source and administrative scope so and character, grasp an opportunity now, choice Canada federal invests emigrant application, should be advisability lift.