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Application process
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One. Initial stage judges make allowance for to prepare data
Make to the applicant by the company evaluate freely beforehand;

Evaluate beforehand after passing, applicant and our company sign acting agreement;

Company the intent according to the applicant, assist an applicant to choose to invest a project.

2. Submit application

application on behalf of the applicant the data submits Canadian emigrant branch;

The archives of emigrant to investment applicant has Canadian government authorities after evaluating, inform the applicant evaluates a result.

3. Interview reachs check-up

After receiving immigration office interview to inform, make man-to-man interview coach for the applicant;

Assist an applicant to prepare interview place to want offerred document;

Arrangement applicant is gone to appoint visa department to accept emigrant official interview;

Arrangement applicant is gone to appoint doctor office to accept check-up.

4. Investment fund

If apply for to win approval, invest emigrant applicant to begin to prepare to collect fund run a company into investment fund;

The company will choose the fund of on the safe side for the applicant, assist an applicant to stock investment fund to fund;

Applicant of announcement of company of investment fund management and Canadian emigrant branch affirm get money.

5. Visa enters a country

Canadian government issues visa;

Before the applicant undertakes before leaving, assistance intends the work;

Add an applicant to offer to touch settle down service;

Assist an applicant to begin to invest matters concerned in Canada.