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Canada invests emigrant condition
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As we have learned, canada invests emigrant qualificatory condition to include:

The day from application begins 1. applicant calculate case, in the past there are two years to once was managed successfully at least inside 5 years, control or the business that manage a joint-stock division or business organization.

2. is obtained legally add money 800 thousand or the net assets of above (include bond of bank deposit, estate, stock and business to wait) , accord with above condition to be able to apply for, be needed to perform following professional work by approval hind: Need investment to add money the 400 thousand emigrant fund that approves at Canadian government, and the government assures to be in original number puts in investment period 's charge to still give investor after 5 years. Investor also can choose the form of loan, one-time pay add money 120 thousand yuan, regard loan as the 400 thousand interest that increases money, can achieve the family's emigrant goal, and 120 thousand yuan do not grant to return.