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Of visa avoid sign and return a lot
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Of visa avoid an autograph to taking a passport to go namely another country, need not visa. Official passport of China and diplomatic passport enjoy the treatment that avoid a label in a lot of countries. And because of illicit passport so far, besides a favourable turn is enjoyed to avoid a label in individual country (do not be commonly give the airport or give the airport but do not exceed 72 hours) outside, still give without any countries avoid a label.
The agreement avoiding a label with the famousest whole world is " Shen Gen agreement " . It is partial Europe country cries in Holand " Shen Gen " small town signs. Join " Shen Gen agreement " the country has at present: Germany, France, Italy, Belgian, Holand, Luxembourg, Austria, Greek, Spain, Portuguese, Denmark, Sweden, Norwegian. If obtained afore-mentioned visa of any one country, lest sign,can enter the others country.
Apply for in China " Shen Gen " visa, should go according to visitting a purpose corresponding national application. The invitation letter that runs Italian company for instance goes application of French diplomatic mission is not possible, can apply for to Italian diplomatic mission only.

Of visa return an autograph to include two kinds of cases:
The material that is an applicant hands in a foreign country to be stationed in China after diplomatic and consular missions, diplomatic and consular missions needs to remand material to native home to examine and approve.
Home again examine and approve a result to inform diplomatic and consular missions, diplomatic and consular missions gives an applicant visa accordingly again.
2 it is to invite square or it is good that security does in the immigration office outside the condition after concerned formalities, inform home of the applicant. The material that the applicant manages a requirement next goes the foreign country is stationed in China diplomatic and consular missions gets visa.

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