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Of visa refer material to reach hear time
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After pressing application material of requirement equipment neat visa, can refer diplomatic and consular missions.
Refer material to have two ways: Him applicant is referred or entrust tripartite to refer. Most country allows tripartite to refer,
But also some of country allows only oneself are referred face to face.
Major diplomatic and consular missions accepts application material in the morning only, do not accept afternoon. The diplomatic and consular missions with large portfolio of a few visa, be like American diplomatic mission, go wanting a phone to make an appointment before diplomatic mission.
After making material, diplomatic and consular missions can open a receipt commonly, mention expressly when to give a result. When awaiting, can inquire by this or enter embassy.

Hear time
Because of diplomatic mission different. Most and short-term visa is controlled for a week. Urgent inspect a condition and decide. Those who need an attention is: The visa of great majority diplomatic mission hears time is to press workaday calculative. Blame is workaday not plan.

National Day of home of embassy of every 1 countries shuts a house to have a holiday certainly.
The national christmas day with 2 Christian belief (on December 25) , paschal (the first Sunday after spring equinox month is round, before including one Friday (GOOD FRIDAY) , hind Monday (EASTER MONDAY) during all rest. Mohammedan country is in division of ancient Er state (call resume a meat diet the section again) during (on April 18 around) all close a shop.
3 new year's day, 51, 11, during the Spring Festival, most country embassy also has a holiday together along with domestic unit, but off time compares domestic unit commonly short.
4 native dynast call in or diplomatic mission removes when new site, close a shop likely also.
5 each diplomatic mission have a holiday arrangement shifts to an earlier date commonly fortnight announcement.