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Of visa accept an orgnaization
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Extend the branch of visa? ? Governmental authorization extends the branch of visa has two commonly: It is governmental immigration office. 2 it is the diplomatic and consular missions outside be stationed in. Be in our country, of function of exercise immigration office is bureau of frontier defence of the Ministry of Public Security and discrepancy condition management board.

Get division into districts to divide? ? Have the state of formal foreign relations with our country, set embassy basically in Beijing. But Chinese the area of a country's territory is capacious, population is numerous, in the embassy of Beijing very difficult attend to reachs each countrywide places. Go to the lavatory for management so, open consulate in the central city of various places sex. Consulate basically is in place administer area the visa consul function of exercise embassy. Its main distinction with embassy is: Embassy is omnibus orgnaization, cover consul of education of politics, military affairs, economy, culture, science and technology, visa to wait for square field surface, it is one shrinks small government. And the function of consulate is opposite relatively onefold: Basically accept place country to the citizen's visa applies for and maintain the interest of native colony.

Application visa, answer to reside the embassy that dwelling place place belongs to or consulate application in its commonly. Cross get an area not to allow normally. What the specification needs here is, living ground and the seat of registered permanent residence that we say are distinguishing. The foreigner does not have the concept of registered permanent residence commonly, grow the notion of the dwelling place only. The person of registered permanent residence of Shanghai of a hold, live for a long time in Beijing, if apply for American visa, should be to be in Beijing to apply for. But the applicant needs to show the evidence that lives in Beijing, for instance the proof of unit of temporary residence permit, job.