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The sort of visa
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The sort of visa

1. The sort of visa basically has: Diplomatic visa, official visa and common visa 3 kinds. Namely of hold diplomacy passport grant diplomacy visa; Of passport of hold official business grant official visa; Hold is common of the passport grant common visa.

2. According to discrepancy situation situation cent is: Leave the country visa of visa, condition of entry visa, discrepancy and reentry condition visa. Leave the country visa, make only hold a witness to leave the country, if need to enter a country, must do entry visa again. Entry visa: Allow only namely hold a witness to enter a country) if need to leave the country, must apply again leave the country visa. Give entry visa, hold a witness to be able to leave the country, also can enter a country again. Enter for many times leave the country visa: Hold a witness to be able to allow to leave the country inside visa period of efficacy.

3. According to discrepancy condition main content cent is: Immigrant visa, blame immigrant visa, study abroad visa, travel visa, job visa, business affairs visa and family member visa.

4. According to time length cent is long-term visa and short-term visa. The concept of long-term visa is, keep 3 months above toward the country afore. Apply for long-term visa no matter its visit a purpose how, need longer application time commonly. The visa that keeps 3 months less than toward the country afore calls short-term visa, apply for short-term visa place to need time opposite shorter.