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Cut rumor of visa of solution United States: Visa official does not have a stand
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This made the biggest groundless allegation about visa official almost, annual because sign and countless people are associated simply to visa official to be in by visa official refus the power that abuses them. Some people indissoluble: "Why same question, same answer, somebody by refus, somebody was passed however " , someone says: "Visa official did not ask with respect to what at all, did not understand me, rejected me " , some people say: "What is called emigrant tendency, why because emigrate,each person is the tendency by refus, this is visa official is looking for excuse at all, I never can have considered immigrant " ... such complaining, became visa almost " antrum E bad luck " , the clause of a 214B, what also became visa official to abuse power is indicative.
We compare a habit, the core train of thought of visa official the definition is a center, 3 main point, this center, namely " emigrant tendency " be in 911 later, much a center, this is " sensitive major " , the main job of visa official is whether judgement exists problem of these two centers, their result finally, if was signed by refus, it is one of these two reasons of course, this does not have what interrogative originally. Crucial question depends on, is visa official judged " emigrant tendency " what is the standard after all?
We are in almost official of every time visa external in the interview, in including us to be the same as visa official's private communication, we also heard completely uniform standard, ask about designedly when us " put in what to note a level particularly (for instance: Liberal art standard, or language standard) " when, every visa official can give completely negative answer -- " have these 3 levels only, without other pron any thing, of course, we are groomed in great quantities how to discern false data. We are groomed in great quantities how to discern false data..
The standard is consistent, but, the await thinking means when the immanent meaning of these 3 has pondered over visa official standards with very few however thorough somebody and visa official judge these 3 standards. Especially the first standard and point of the 3rd real significance of the standard and judgement, these problems, we are in future is paragraphic analysis of one by one of the meeting in development discussion.
We put this issue in the first, be the person that the hope reminds numerous visa, of the standard simple, also mean a standard just about of applicable means complex. We believe, visa official rejects each person is have sufficient reason (the detail sees " rumor 5: Autograph of visa official refus is do not need reason " ) . Each decision of visa official also is complete comply with of these standards, the key is, you need to realise how to let visa official effectively make clear these standards through communication.
Let us return the habitual view of those is signed by refus people that we a moment ago mentioned, we understand the mood when each person is signed by refus, but, when the person that sign in prospective refus speaks this kind of word, first careful reflection, oneself conveyed oneself effectively, is not simple blame visa official " without the standard " . Because of such as " the setting like I and my classmate, the result that why differs completely " this kind of problem is really undeserved reply.
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