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The interview of visa
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The interview of visa:
A little Euramerican country asks the applicant is all commonly or the part comes diplomatic mission interview. Interview may be to submitting data while undertake, also may be material after giving in, undertake. What the applicant cares most is what question should ask when interview, how to reply. Show choose to want to introduce as follows:

Arrangement is recieved outside visitting purpose and area. Diplomatic mission asks the purpose of the visit is clear, the arrangement outside the condition is detailed. May oneself do not orchestrate the visit activity of some applicants personally, had better make clear to concerned personage before such interview the purpose of visit. If can take the demonstrative stuff of sex of above paragraphs word, the photocopy that arranges with the program outside dealings of the business outside the condition, condition for instance is better.
Expenses exceeds by who. Should reply according to the facts. A lot of applicants often ask about: Condition go out it is medium that easy visa returns charge just give cost easy visa? Who gives charge to not matter actually. What visa official cares is whether charge is fulfilled, origin is reasonable combine feeling.
Applicant individual state. State of him position, income, go abroad before the record, ask about possibly. The applicant's social class is higher, economic income is more, the possibility that catchs a lot is larger. So the applicant should notice when answering a question at 2 o'clock:
It is not to want too modest, attack by surprise of cloak of the block when the talk, let visa official think the heart is medium by accident there is sth fishy; 2 it is avoid by all means has big talk, blind boast, want speak on good grounds, bring card of payroll, bankbook, house property, drive a vehicle so this, the report that oneself concern on media, photograph, the way with good can yet be regarded as.
Apply for setting of family front courtyard. The problem that may ask about has: Marital status, have without position of children, spouse, head for state-owned wait without kin. Career of perfect, children has marital family, conduce to of course obtain visa. But the data of this respect is bad to prepare. The proposal can take picture of a photograph of whole family or attending the picture that takes on filial bear the palm, commencement to wait.

Interview often only time of a few minutes. Visa official decides in what make inside so short time, sometimes hard to avoid is a little cursory. If where the get victory in the process of this fight hand-in-hand? The proposal that has a few craftsmenship offers reference. But those who need a specification is, individual situation differ in thousands ways of the applicant, copy the tricks of the trade of one caboodle not dogmaticly certainly so, any moment should remember well to say to be equal to the word that did not say: The mainest factor that makes sure interview is successful is him interviewer.

Dress up decent, bearing is civilized. Interview is the same as interview same, figure cent is main component, it is critical component even sometimes. Dress up painstakingly not necessary, but dress is not neat, the hair did not wash manage, figure not beautiful, affirmation won't leave visa official a good impression. Dress reflects the status, the ways one gets along with others reflects self-restraint, this word is used in interview such circumstance, it is again applicable did not pass.
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