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The refus of visa is signed and remedy
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By the applicant that refus has signed, be signed to pass the person of above twice by refus especially, very a bit long the psychology that ill chaos drops medical service, the secret recipe that empiric of particularly easy believe what one hears opens. This is very dangerous, from be deceived only the Yao of one pace. The more so this is planted moment, want Chen Zhao more sober. Because the visa official of western country is highly disciplined, be do official business according to official principle commonly, give gift, the room of get in by the back door is very little.
After refus is signed, apply for again, increased visa difficulty, so the applicant should strive for do the work from two respects: It is the account that according to the likelihood refus signs, prepare more detailed data, at the same time attach refutes a letter, demonstrative visa official last refus autograph decision is a mistake. 2 it is to let invite outside the condition square or the job that security goes becoming diplomatic mission. Diplomatic mission represents native government, it is being affected natively oneself since place must be treated seriously.

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