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Install a province to will simplify emigrant doctor qualification test
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The charter exam system to emigrant doctor already complex, requirement and tall, federal and the conventions that save various government administration are bewildering.

The person that criticize says, the clinical intern quota of people that offers for foreign doctor is very finite, have 50 foreign medic that are strong finish school only every year, have 50 additionally vacant provide the foreign doctor with old practise medicine. However, install a province to have about 3000 emigrant doctors, they work for a long time at the same time only, await slowly at the same time.

But this kind of state perhaps can be changed somewhat, qualification test of new graduate of medicine of the international that install a province plans to be about to roll out, will be opposite at present not only the training of the foreign doctor of new finish school and assess two measure to incorporate for one, and the clinical intern quota of people that will increase to be offerred for foreign doctor one times to 200 people.

The combination of society of doctor of family of the hall of the sanitation that install a province, inside and outside that install a province and the medical school that how visit plans to come from the 8 old strategy that learn two years at cure to plan, so that be foreign doctor to increase resident quota of people, and accelerate qualification test program.

Medical qualification test plans to carry out chief inspector Xin Kelai to point out, in the past, emigrant medicine graduate needs to apply for to train plan or qualification test plan, but new plan will make an applicant one-time accept careful to check an order, differentiate according to their record of formal schooling and experience for 4 grade.

Will begin to accept the application that 4 grade training and assessment plan the 3rd pass an imperial examination at Zhou Yi, the program that chooses candidate is expected the earliest to will begin in July.