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Beautiful Singapore your the 2nd home
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Beautiful Singapore your the 2nd home

Afterwards after emigrant upsurge of Australia, Canada, immigrant of lion city Singapore also warms up sadly. Because Singapore pursues liberal economy system for a long time, wide accept talent, the entrepreneur that welcomes world each district and professional come Singapore is resident, more comfortable also to emigrant application condition. In the meantime, singapore is double phylum country, the Chinese holds the great majority of its population, add Europe, beauty is compared on geography with China closer, accordingly more and more Chinese regard emigrant good land as Singapore.

Beautiful lion city Singapore

The population of Singapore is made an appointment with 4 million, the Chinese is occupied about 80% , most compatriots is perfectness Chinese and English, it is a town that suits to the Chinese settles and do poineering work very much. The policy that Singapore opens with stability, perfect financial system, good infrastructure, the international market of high level develops ability, with the environment like the garden celebrated the world.
Many 7000 transnational corporation that comes from the country such as China, United States, Germany, Australia, England, Japan establishs Asia-Pacific headquarters or branch in place, also be its become one of cities with top rate of the internationalization on the world, also be one of the Asia's safest cities at the same time. The policy of Singapore kisses business, investment dimensions is not restricted, without giving thought to the size of company dimensions, can find the rich and generous condition that prosperity develops in Singapore.
Accompany those who follow a Chinese economy to fly, singapore delivers more views to China, quickly change is right China policy. On the other hand, singapore is one of main thoroughfares of world of Chinese industry trend all the time. Statistic of business of department of trade of the classics outside occupying, china is in new the company that create makes an appointment with 200, business involves bank, finance, safe, aviation, marine, commerce, project to contract, the domain such as service output, majority enterprise manages stability. As China " go " strategic development spreads out, believe to come new the Chinese company that creates branch and investment entity and individual will be more.
Singapore invests emigrant characteristic
Singapore invests immigrant to do not have English requirement. Also do not have lowermost living requirement, also do not have a requirement to record of formal schooling. Should invest 1.5 million new money only (about 7.5 million RMB) OK.
Singapore relaxes investment immigrant turns into capital to invest a condition, can buy the fund that the government provides with 1.5 million new money, deposit 5 years, the fund that can obtain % of 15 % ~25 since the 3rd year at the same time shares out bonus; Also can invest 2.5 million new money to buy the commodity house that the government appoints. Singapore photograph is compared add, bay tax rate is low, be in business to have safeguard easily with living life.
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