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Blow family force allocates funds 1.5 million assist new immigrant
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According to Canada " bright newspaper " report, the 3rd when seat of government of province of Canadian low poem will hold on April 12 local time " week of attention of victim of a criminal case " begin ceremonially, announce 1.5 million yuan to allocate funds, assist to be aimed at the different culture of new immigrant to offer only with the service, attack domestic force problem.

Office of the Wu that save a law grows Fan Dongqin (John Van Dongen) expresses, although domestic force issue does not have cent phyletic with culture, but because new emigrant likelihood is not familiar adding national right or encounter utterance to be illogical wait for an obstacle, organic meeting becomes the victim of domestic force a criminal case more easily.

Fan Dongqin says, 1.5 million yuan when add newly this allocate funds, the purpose is to hope to pass through increase service and plan, ensure the new immigrant of taller danger, can get the culture information that can coordinate them and service, prevent them to become the victim of domestic force.

1.5 million yuan there is 2/3 in allocating funds is to dial 5 immigrant that send Dawende the area to serve an orgnaization. These orgnaizations will be in future inside 3 years, obtain 70 thousand yuan every year, assist new emigrant knowledge to add national judiciary, offer victim of a criminal case to serve information.

Province seat of government still can establish mechanism of a provincial protection, cooperate with relevant section, to serious family force victim of a criminal case is offerred assist. Of the others allocate funds will use for domestic force victim of a criminal case and better are offerred assist, reach let community proper motion undertake the risk is evaluated.

By came in October 2006 during April 2007, the woman of South Asia descendants that has Campagna of 5 small land dies in domestic force, cause each attention.