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Emigrant asset hopeful is transferred legally
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Tubal bureau will unite deploy according to the country outside, consider and roll out the measure that legal capital fund transfers the individual that permits immigrant and successive property appropriately external, this was yesterday outside Guo Shuqing of tubal bureau director is on conference of job of countrywide exchange control, the important information that deploy leaked when working key 2004.

Although have sign of very few number only, also did not announce the specific schedule that measure implements, but outside tubal bureau will have the policy signal that widens capital pours out of channel optionally to had been made clear quite. When room director Yi Xianrong accepts a reporter to interview subsequently, development of finance of institute of finance of company division courtyard expresses, no matter be the individual that permits immigrant and successive property appropriately,legal capital fund is transferred external, still allow churchyard qualification orgnaization external negotiable securities invests, bring the orgnaization outside entering a country to issue RMB bond in churchyard, these content are our country to alleviate the RMB appreciates pressure, the concrete step that capital project opens stage by stage.

To " allow emigrant and legal capital fund transfer external " , easy constitution allows an analysis to say, a lot of countries and area accept investment immigrant, e.g. emigrant Hong Kong, the investment threshold that proclaimed in writing sets is 6.5 million Hongkong dollar, amount of emigrant Macao investment is in the individual 1 million Macao yuan above. And before general immigrant, the individual should offer circumstance of source of income level, financing, pay taxes to wait for detailed asset detail Zhang, if can prove personal property attributes lawful gain, tubal branch won't set the upper limit of legal capital fund that changes external commonly outside.

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