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Talk about the change that Canada invested land settlement policy 2008
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Canadian federal will issue governmental announcement on March 8, right " immigrant and refugee protection rules " in the project that nominates about the province undertakes modification. After revising, about investing emigrant clause change is as follows:
1. Be like the person that applicant has one of the following cases, must not inspect accord with province nomination project:
(A) province nomination is to be based on this foreigner bankroll;
(B) this foreigner attempts to participate in or had participated in " invest a project with emigrant related " .

2. Invest the connotation of the project with emigrant related: "Invest a project with emigrant related " those who point to is the some plan that be as follows or strategy:
(A) one of purposes of this strategy or plan are to quicken emigrant Canada, one of purposes of the drive person of this strategy or plan are financing;
(B) the first goal that concerns this strategy or the agreement that the plan signs or operation is to use " immigrant and refugee protection law " pertinent clause and get the status or privilege counterpoises.

3. Nominated foreigner issues the member that can be counted to save nomination to handle in the following circumstance only:
(A) the fund that this foreigner provides is to be used at casting to nominate to place the business inside province, and the main purpose of this company operation is not to be used at transferring yield to be like accrual, share out bonus or capital gains;
(B) this foreigner already controlled or will control:
(I) of this business total equity 1/3 or the share of above;
(Ii) invest at least 1 million add yuan asset.
(C) this foreigner already or will undertake to awarding the business inside nomination province to its active durative management; And be opposite redemptive plan is not included in the investment condition of this enterprise.

These clauses save nomination to Canada emigrant influence is tremendous, stipulate the applicant cannot manage his to invest through financial orgnaization clearly, cannot join the emigrant plan that creates for immigrant more, include to assure to remand the emigrant plan of investment. This means passive investment to will be cancelled, the client needs to invest actually and be managed personally. Canada saves nomination to plan to invest emigrant and major change!

Have Canadian reliable news additionally, the near future of investment immigrant project such as Quebec, federal also will be adjusted somewhat, to the applicant's capital requirement and investment will have bigger go up, if the client that files intent is sure to prepare ahead of schedule please!