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Beautiful EB-5 quota will increase investment 500 thousand will can emigrate fam
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A little-known EB-5 plans American government, will become attract include home of Chinese private enterprise inside the popular way that invests immigrant. According to this plan, in the United States out-of-the-way and backward area invests 500 thousand dollar, him investor reachs its directly-related members of one's family -parents qualified application green card. American immigration office discloses, this plan after 2011 annual quota can amount to 10 thousand at most.
This investment immigrant that at going up by American immigration office 90 time end rolls out the century plans, immigrant competes and carry out, but American condition is the most slashing. In American poverty besides the requirement the area invests 500 thousand dollar outside, request the working chance that increases 10 above inside a few years newly even, investor ability gets green card.

Nevertheless, for the private enterprise home that this plan is expected to obtain American green card to those developing countries, have tremendous allure undoubtedly. Be fond of in the entrepreneur of China, Korea, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia especially obtain American green card quickly with this channel, and emigrant lawyer also from which add fuel to the fire.

Baileici of director of plan of immigration office EB-5 (Morrie Berez) says: "It is to those live wanting for the United States, person that makes contribution for the United States, such opportunity indeed wonderful. It brings economic growth, create obtain employment opportunity. " the criticism that at present this plan is turned over emigrant personage lesser.

According to " wall street daily " reported a few days ago, the domain such as the sources of energy of the agriculture that in recent years this plan has attracted a lot of foreign country entrepreneur to invest the United States, tourism, second birth, education and traffic. Usual practice is by development business and local government cooperate, apply for in impoverished area to the immigration office " area center " , permissive hind arrive again abroad action business. 17 of American each district " area center " , already attracted the foreign capital of about 500 million dollar up to now, the movie and TV of city of the ethanol plant of city of the school of the nut garden of the lacteal line of business that includes Iowa, California, Alabama and medical treatment establishment, heart, guest is made the room.

2007 money year, the immigration office approved application of 803 conditional EB-5 green card in all, and there are 247 only when 2004. Hope of uncle thunder at present arrives after 2011, can give out every year most 10 thousand this kind of green card, be expected to attract foreign capital of nearly 2 billion dollar.

Investor joins this plan to be not easy to do. American government ever suspended this plan when 1998, tighten up application qualification, investment raises 500 thousand dollar after 2002, and must proving investment is total is lawful income. The immigration office examines investor safety setting, ensure terrorist won't lend machine interfuse the United States; If investor comes from the country that gets American sanction, still must prove the government does not have oneself and this country any commercial dealings.
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