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Emigrant England is added newly " emigrant duty "
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Pommy new policy was coming on stage in succession 2008. Regard reform strength as older new land settlement policy, besides roll out " plan cent makes a system " outside, british government still will announce: Those think the foreigner of emigrant England, hand in take in the fresh-take in new Party members to add even " emigrant duty " , with the charge of public system breach that can'ts bear heavy burden at making up for England.

England is municipal Smith shows minister, a large number of ab extra immigrant will more and more become a government " burden " , because this immigrant must be assumed taller " emigrant duty " . This also will mean: A few old emigrant applicant -- because its need medical treatment more public service, must pay than young technical immigrant taller " emigrant duty " .

The forehead is spent or be the 10 % of certificate fee

Message personage expresses, add newly " emigrant duty " the forehead spends a likelihood to be controlled in the 10 % of certificate fee by set, hope to live in England namely the immigrant that amounts to 6 months above, need to be in pay 200 pound certificate fee besides, additional those who pay 20 pound " emigrant duty " . Because of hamster a lot of countries joined an European Union, immigrant of reason European Union enters England not to need visa, reason is avoided add at these " emigrant duty " . And country of other blame European Union needs visa to apply for, must hand in take in the fresh-take in new Party members to add " emigrant duty " .

Newest and emigrant statistic shows, 2006 - during 2007, british visa department from the collection in 2.7 million emigrant application the certificate fee of about 190 million pound.

Set accordingly, england will gain the public fund support of 15 million pound newly every year. To this, departmental secretary shows England, england is actual and annual the capital support that needs 2.5 much pound.