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Australia is advanced administrator immigrant brief introduction 132 kinds
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This immigrant category is to be the senior administrator of the enterprise technically to establish, australian government hopes to use the ability of new immigrant and rich management experience, the enterprise that is Australia brings new vitality.
What require cost
One, Australian government collects fees circumstance
1, Canada of the pay when presenting application material federally application fee: Apply for for the first time 2450 bay yuan.
2, the application fee that applies for pay the 2nd times: The deputy applicant that English did not achieve a requirement each 2555 bay yuan.
2, the major that offers according to our company serves, the acting cost with corresponding collection and retaining fee, understanding detail is contacted with my company please
3, other charge
1, check-up cost: Make an appointment with each 300 bay yuan.
2, notarial cost: Press a collection by notarial place, total amount because of the person different.

Application is periodic

Our company have rich Australian administrator immigrant to deal with experience, whole application cycle basically can be in 6-8 the month is finished.
The professional working personnel of my company can be inside the time of a month, make for the applicant complete give diplomatic mission with perfect application material, await left and right sides of a month about, the record order that the applicant can receive diplomatic mission extends; About 4 months are controlled, what can obtain diplomatic mission to give out is principle carry an announcement, about 2 months are controlled, diplomatic mission examines and approve visa, get immigrant visa finally.
The place on put together is narrated, applicant from give archives to come to diplomatic mission obtain immigrant visa, whole process needs 6-8 about lunar left and right sides.