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The United States adds swipe to attack illegal immigrant to lift migratory tide
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In the tide that strengthens blow to emigrate illegally in American each district, a lot of illegal immigrant are like a extremely frightened person, in succession pack up and quit goes person, execute the law to avoid lift to remove hot.

Sign up for network coverage according to live abroad, confederative and emigrant reform stops not before, bring about a lot of him places to act, the local statute that passes a lot of severe exacting, the news that assault ransacks to emigrate illegally is ceaseless. Concern arrests the illegal immigrant with repatriate, escape to occupy a dwelling place formerly in succession, remove the city with relatively loose policy, flat perhaps return ancestral home country.

Illegal immigrant migrates the city such as horse of carry on one's shoulder of wet carat is in Russia, Arizona, Keluoladuo, Zun Zhiya is behaved particularly apparent. The illegal immigrant of a lot of Arizona cities moves heart city, California; The illegal immigrant that division collect draws much city is much change is gone to still his city. The editor of article newspapers says Spain of city of a Russia: "This time people feared really, because they do not know what to can produce, they sell a house, leave this country even.

The people that supports Yan Ke to execute the law cheers hit illegal immigrant to begin be successful. The city councilman that pushs slashing and emigrant bill in horsepower of Russia carat carry on one's shoulder Teruier call a spade a spade: "This explains law is acting well, this is our purpose. If can drive the city all round to all illegal foreigners, I feel gift is nice. I feel gift is nice..

Although do not have specific data to show so far,how many illegal immigrant removes, but already can see clue from the view of the house of deal with of change of school source of student, realtor and cathedral controller.

Oklahoma the elementary school of many Xi Yixue unripe be in the majority, new term opening beginning, each prediction of a person's luck in a given year many 10 student. Arizona city since bey sign a decree, removed a possibility in January from next year the company of revoke service black worker worker does business since charter, illegal immigrant is moved in succession from, 10 houses of the for sale in hand of a realtor, having an in part move the immigrant that leave to want to sell. Zun Zhiya's cathedral today the family that Xia Liu broke many go to church, it is illegal emigrant family more. Hei Zedu of guest city small town publishs code, prohibit landlord hires a room to give the person that does not have the identity, place emigrates illegally cannot base oneself upon, be forced migratory other places.