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Quebec invested emigrant overview 2005
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In plan of Canadian a lot of immigrant, can call classical should belong to Canada to invest immigrant, and classical medium popular it is Quebec investment immigrant, enter since 2005, quebec government accelerates processing speed not only, and interview percent of pass also rises ceaselessly, the intermediary company that pursues Canadian emigrant business can'ts help wanting to halloo: This year is Quebec investment immigrant year!
Quebec of make a comprehensive view invests immigrant the road of the 10 development that will in chinese mainland area had gone for years, its stability theres is no lack of agile, transparent there is no lack of the favour that efficient strategy gained broad and emigrant applicant. The application number calendar year that comes from chinese mainland area will reside Quebec firmly to invest the head of a list of names posted up of emigrant application, the emigrant quota of chinese mainland area increased substantially on conference of immigration office of gram of Chun Kui north today, from move every year to on 500 families 700, in order to satisfy the emigrant demand that this area increases ceaselessly.
Quebec province is located in Canadian the eastpart part, it is North America mainland has one of areas of European culture colorific most, as a result of special account of the history, in Canada it enjoys unique autonomic status in 10 province, having independence at Canada federally immigrant picks standard, quebec invests immigrant to be able to say is one of the most welcome business migration plans. According to statistic, the investment immigrant that has 75% applies for Quebec of person selected choose to invest immigrant, the investment immigrant that has 25% only applies for federal of person selected choose to invest immigrant. Relative to character, byelaw of immigrant of Quebec province investment is more comfortable and agile.
In domestic property side, the difference is not big between federal investment immigrant and Quebec investment immigrant. Collective place is to all ask 800 thousand add money (be equivalent to a RMB 5.5 million) above, include house property (calculate with market prise) , company net assets (it is with financial forms for reporting statistics accurate) , of all kinds and fixed / current deposits money / fund (calculate with denomination) , stock (calculate with market prise) , the asset that all declaring must have lawful source; The new regulation that different point is Quebec investment immigrant must give priority to the asset of applicant under one's name, do not include the capital fund of spouse and filial under one's name, asset source must give priority to lawful management earning of the applicant, cannot accede in order to be bequest, accept donated capital fund. And federal investment immigrant had be notted be opposite the definition with asset strict and clear the next, asset source respect besides lawful management earning, still accept bequest, donative capital fund.
Be in business administrative experience respect, federal investment immigrant and the requirement with Quebec emigrant investment agree basically, all need advocate the comprehensive management experience that the applicant has 3 years of above inside nearly 10 years, can be the legal person that owns company stock or partner, also can be the senior administrator that has human affairs authority, financial advantageous position, right of administration at the same time (be like vise general manager, general manager, chief inspector) .
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