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Canadian Quebec invests emigrant information and problem analysis
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Well-known, canada is a traditional emigrant country, the person that applies for every year to settle to Canada in an endless stream. Current in light of the situation, the policy with Canadian federal emigrant technology changes since 2001 rise and fall errant, and Canadian federal and Quebec investment land settlement policy are relatively stable however, suffer fully fix eyes upon.
14% what already held Canadian emigrant sum total to China's emigrant 2001 amount from 1997, hong Kong immigration office accepted 1898 emigrant proposals 2002, canadian Quebec planned to receive 2003 40100 emigrate to 43700 people. According to statistic, up to June, hong Kong immigration office already accepted 1525 emigrant proposals; Up to September, already 1800 people make a money, 250 people get visa, 4 people are signed by refus. As the whole world most representative investment immigrant applies an item, hong Kong immigration office is handling medium law case to have 1300 now, these law case will be in interview of the end of the year ends this year. In the meantime, also plan to increase amount of investment immigrant visa 1000 from 110 of 2002 federally.
Quebec saves emigrant application case to obtain autograph rate to there is 42% only to 2003 2002, drop somewhat at before a few years relatively, the reason is the accords with a condition emigrant applicant that Quebec province hopes the choice is better, hope law case is sending when showing federal, be by its only in check-up and setting investigation responsible. The query that this makes its try to the knead dough of examine and verify of material necessarily is more strict and serious.

The problem that appears in interview is analysed

One of, administrative experience is scant
Although ask investment immigrant should be General Manager in immigration laws, but here is not to refer in particular to " general manager " , want an applicant to be able to be in charge of in a few following respects only, can be considered as to have administrative experience:
Have management and decision making authority to the financial budget of the company. Although you are not a general manager or financial manager, but the finance affairs that wants this department that you can run to place only has management and budgetary right can.
Counterpoise to the human affairs of personnel administration. Although big company has special manpower resource department or human affairs department, but you have authority to be opposite the staff invite applications for a job of cadre door, employ, promotion and rewards and punishment are responsible, this also is human affairs authority. When interview, meeting trap asks emigrant official: Who is in charge of the human affairs of your company? If reply " human affairs ministry " criterion in the middle of next covering.
Business power to make decisions. Although the contract may be,by legal person the delegate signs, but if you have right the negotiation protocol to the contract, carry out, the particular operation of business is responsible, this also has business power to make decisions.
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