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Canadian button saves nomination to invest immigrant
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Button is saved (New Brunswick) the foreland that is located in Canadian the eastpart part, total population 729 thousand, north and south 322 kilometers, thing 242 kilometers. Its southwest ministry and American Maine border on, northwest is Canadian Quebec province, southeast receives new Sikeshe to save, atlantic is faced east, what friendly maritime climate does not have Canadian upper zone already is bitter cold, what do not have American south area again is burning hot, here all the year round sunshine is beautiful, the four seasons is trenchant, from vibrant spring; Well-rounded summer; To the autumn of great achievements again and again; The winter that snowflake flies violently, the color with rich act of this one act lives the four seasons of button province person the much appearance of deck is colorful. The living expenses of moderate is to let live in the people of this province to feel satisfied and rich more. Stable the sources of energy is supplied, cheap estate and workshop build cost, extremely low in small company income tax, the convenience condition with stable inflationary rate and current freedom of agreement of free trade of the North American more investor built a wonderful commercial environment.
Canadian button saves qualification of business migration applicant
1, commercial specification of the applicant must obtain what button visits an official to approbate, be regarded as pair of this provinces to have economically profit.
2, the applicant is in there is management of 3 years of aboves inside 5 years recently the experience of a successful company.
3, the business affairs that the applicant must head for button to be saved makes an on-the-spot investigation, emigrate via company office official interview, submit commercial plan, provide background information.
4, the resident that the applicant must become button to save, active fulfil its commerce specification.
5, the applicant must have enough fund, without tripartite help, burden project the capital of the first phase, and the load is whole living cost of before the family two years.
6, the applicant must give the Canadian beyond applicant family to create new obtain employment opportunity.
7, applicant beard is experienced in the age, the gift of tongues, education, job, get used to ability and commercial experience 50 minutes are obtained at least in 6 content.
8, the applicant owns 350 thousand yuan of property that add money. Be willing to undertake in button province not less than 120 thousand yuan add money (720 thousand yuan of RMBs) investment, can open the office department, form that cooperate with Canadian enterprise or buys entire company equity to undertake through oneself.

Application process
1, undertake the qualification is evaluated, sign entrust conduction agreement.
2, refer commercial specification.
3, arrangement goes to Canadian button to save business affairs to make an on-the-spot investigation.
4, commercial specification is examined through.
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