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The new policy with Canadian emigrant to investment immigration office
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On December 4, 2003 15:00 when immigration office of Canadian Quebec Hong Kong interviewed each lawyer and emigrant representative, announced Canada to invest the new policy that immigrant is about to publish, answered the question that everybody raises:
The investment that official of concerned immigration office represents to be in the closest Canada in year emigrated to make enormous contribution to Canadian government, the investment immigrant that has 80% among them comes from an Asia, there is 3/4 to come from China in them. The experience of the immigration office shows, china serves as a great country, national condition is complex, different province city has different case, for can better, the actualer condition performance every applicant comes out, canadian government emigrated to give out on material preparation to investment emigrates and doing poineering work new guidelines. This guiding principle will be carried out formally at rising on January 1, 2004.
Additional, my company asks everybody to notice, hong Kong immigration office will at location of next year change, bigger office environment will be helpful for accelerating the cognizance of the case, bigger auditoria is advantageous also with the communication at immigration office and lawyer, representative.
Detailed circumstance asks contact company to consult adviser.