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The English that pommy plans to will absolve millionaire to emigrate takes an ex
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" daily telecommunications signs up for " (Daily Telegraph) write on Friday civil write, mastering English is the requirement of emigrant England, but, england will discharge the English exam with the emigrant millionaire that has above of 1 million pound.

This new regulation is one of provisions of plan of British government new immigrant, its purpose is to England the society attracts immigrant. Inside this plan frame immigrant should be in British economy invests a 3 months introversion after entering a country 750 thousand pound. The others condition, do not have criminal record for example changeless still.

Pommy chancellery Liam Byrne supports governmental proposal completely, he points out, england welcomes to resemble Russia billionaire, Qieerxi forever football club boss collect Mann Abulamoweiji is in that way rich person.

" daily telecommunications signs up for " the word of emigrant chancellery says cite: "Billionaire can bring obtain employment opportunity and the investment to England. "Opposition did not share the joyance of emigrant chancellery, it raises a such questions: What is there necessary give these millionaire give special treatment? New emigrant plan may be in recently the become effective inside 3 months.